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Auto Components market in China, 2004

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Auto Components market in China, 2004
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The car sales volume in china might break through 12 million in 2010, the auto components exchange market scale also would break through 90 billion RMB. It is said that China will become the most important global market of auto assembly and components. The biggest difference between China's auto components industry and those overseas is none of any first level components suppliers exist in China, but the second level suppliers contact car manufacturers directly, hence, caused the increasing of suppliers seeking cost and chaos of assembly market comparably. There is a strong desire of auto development in China, and this desire is also tally with the interest of local governments, therefore, the regulation background seems to be firm enough.
The foreign-founded manufacturers have occupied important market position in China with the advantages such as large scale, advanced technology and the close relationships with car manufacturers; However, The continual industry development has carried out more requirements, and how to dominant the leading position and strive for an optimistic prospect has become the main issue.