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China Navigation Electronic Map Industry Report, 2006

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China Navigation Electronic Map Industry Report, 2006
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Global navigation product market witnessed a boom in Europe and North America in 2005 and 2006. Particularly, PND, 80% of which is used in the course of driving, has had a remarkable growth. In the year of 2006, its sales reached approximately 8 million units in Europe, increased by 110.53% compared to 3.8 million units of 2005; and its sales totaled at around 2 million units in North America, increased by 125% over 800,000 units of 2005. What's more, as the largest suppliers for navigation products in Europe, TOMTOM remained an annual sales growth at nearly 300% from 2003 to 2005.

According to Gartner, the global shipment of navigation products including PND, car navigation instrument and GPS phone amounted to 41.1 million units in the year of 2006. Each navigation product needs to be fitted with navigation electronic map. The current global navigation electronic map suppliers mainly include Navteq, TeleAtlas, Zenrin, MapMaster and IPC, among which, Zenrin, MapMaster and IPC have together monopolized Japanese market, Navteq and TeleAtlas have together monopolized European and North America market.

As to the Chinese market, it has now become the world’s second largest automobile market in the year of 2006; meanwhile, the mobile phone sales in China also reached 88 million units. The huge market potentials have attracted a great deal of navigation enterprises, and the global 5 biggest navigation electronic map suppliers have cooperated with Chinese counterparts in different.

At present, there are 9 enterprises who has obtained the first-grade qualification on surveying and mapping for navigation electronic map are NavInfo, Autonavi, Lingtu, Changxiang, Ritu, Wuhan Geo, Navione, EMapGo and National Geomatics Center of China, however, National Geomatics Center of China provides the basic geographic information database on navigation electronic map; Wuhan Geo does not produce navigation electronic map; Navione and Lingtu are major in navigation software and system solutions, and they began to produce navigation electronic map in 2006; Shanghai Changxiang has been purchased by Ritu. Therefore, actually, there are only such 4 enterprises as NavInfo, Autonavi, Ritu and EMapGo, who are engage in the collection and production of map information and data.

Determined by the characteristics of China navigation electronic map industry, its concentration degree will be improved constantly, so the market will be monopolized by 3-4 enterprises, but as the labor division grows more specialized, more and more reprocessing enterprises of navigation electronic map will buy basic data from those monopolized enterprises who have qualification on surveying and mapping, and then sell the processed distinctive navigation electronic maps to customers. Although some problems, such as uncertain standard, pirates and rapid changes of basic geographic information, etc., still exit in China navigation electronic map industry, this industry can still see a rapid growth driven by the rapid growth of terminal navigation products.

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