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China TPMS Industry Report, 2009

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China TPMS Industry Report, 2009
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TMPS, short for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, get utilized mainly for real-time automatic monitoring on tire pressure while auto moving, alarming for flat tire and low pressure to secure the driving safety. Many Chinese manufacturers have entered TPMS market with the hope of explosive growth in Chinese TPMS market since 2000, when the U.S.A legislated TMPS to be compulsorily equipped since it is a kind of product with lower technology barrier in auto electronics.

As of February 2010, China had not issued TPMS-related policies. Furthermore, TPMS facility makes the cost of automotive manufacturing grow by RMB2,000 to RMB3,500, greatly increasing production cost of automakers to equip TPMS system, thus losing price competitiveness. Herewith, Chinese automakers have not massively employed TPMS systems. In 2009, Chinese TPMS market was sized by 869,000 sets, and the majority of which were equipped for high-end autos.

In general, the automobile with TPMS in China is priced at above RMB250,000, and some China-made car models consist of Lavida 08 Pinya, Lavida 08 Pinxuan, Lavida 08 Pinzun, PASSAT New Vista 09, and Tiguan 2010. In a word, Chinese TPMS market enjoys a bright prospect along with the growth of consumers’ income, the growing awareness of driving safety, the development of manufacturer’s technology, and the issuance of relevant national policies.

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