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The automotive industry includes construction, design, technical development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and maintenance of motor vehicles. Especially those with alternative energies, which are characterized by low emission values, are currently experiencing a strong upturn. Not only passenger cars belong to the automotive industry, but also trucks, ships, railways and aircrafts. Further parts of the industry are logistics and distribution, which are mainly dominated and distinguished by different ways of transportation such as shipping, aviation and rail traffic.
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Market studies for category Automotive

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    European Garage Equipment 2006

    588 Seiten/ 110 Tabellen/ 212 Abbildungen
    Methodology The study is based on a constantly updated database containing all of the companies active in the field and more than 8.000 checked individual data. In 2006, over 50% of the companies were contacted directly through questionnaires, telephone and face to face interviews. All the information on markets and companies was quality
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