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Taiwan Power Report 2013

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Publication Date:24.07.2013
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BMI View: Heavily dependent upon imports, Taiwan's power market is dominated by thermal sources, with
coal, gas, and to a lesser extent, oil-fired power stations generating the majority of energy used. While
Taiwan's fourth nuclear plant is almost operationally ready, growing public distrust threatens to stall the
start up of this facility even as the first two nuclear plants age and need to undergo maintenance. Moreover,
political and economic pressures have restricted Taipower, the state utility from raising tariffs, leaving the
company stuck in the red. Despite the Taiwan government's ambitious renewable energy goals to 2025,
slow progress suggests that renewables are unlikely to reach the target of a 16% share of energy produced.
Owing to the slowdown in economic activity, Taiwan's power consumption rose a mere 1.25% in 2012
versus the year before, reaching 227.52 terawatt hours (TWh). However, as the economy looks set to
recover this year, we believe that the growth in energy consumption will return, and average 4.0% over
2013-2022, reaching 336.63TWh by the end of the forecast period. Thermal generation, comprising coal,
gas and oil, is expected to continue to drive this growth, and we forecast that it will increase by an average
of 4.7% per annum during the period to 2022.