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China's automotive electronics industry chain study in 2004

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China's automotive electronics industry chain study in 2004
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In order to have a comprehensive perspective into the current market conditions of domestic automotive electronics industry, the landscape of the enterprises competition and the relationship of the industrial chains; to understand the technical bottleneck of automotive electronic products and the changes of the market; to analyze the relationship of competition and cooperation between upstream vendors and downstream vendors, and the market performance; to know the status of demands and supplies and the macro- environment for automotive industry, to get insight into the functionalities of automotive electronic products and the market opportunities; Our research center has dug up deeply the information and data on more than hundreds enterprises concerned in automobile industry, translated and organized the related foreign reports and articles; and finally compiled "Research report on China's automotive electronics industrial chains for 2004"through collection, analysis and research.

Report Highlights

There are more than 1000 domestic vendors for automotive electronic accessories, but most of them focus on the segments with low technological contents such as automotive audio system and automobile communication. As too many vendors come into these segments, the supplies exceed the demands and some vendors have been suffering serious losses. However, the segments of engine electronics, chassis electronics, body electronics and so on that are characterized by high technological contents and rich profit, are almost monopolized by foreign vendors and joint ventures.

At present, the requirements from the administration of the government on the safety and environmental friendliness of the automobiles are increasingly strict; the consumers expect more excellent driving experience with the automobiles, high operational performance, improved onboard entertainment, and appropriate facilities for office work; For now, the expenditure of automotive electronics for every new domestic car by and large accounts for 4.8? of the total value for the entire car against 26.2? of the average level for the whole world. All of these need the wide application of automotive electronic products. Therefore, the potential for China's electronic market is huge and attract many giants in such industries as home electronics, communications and computer to take part in.

In march 2004, Amoi announced the establishment of the joint venture with South East (Fujian) Motor Co. ,Ltd for manufacturing automotive electronics;

In April 2004, Motorola announced the founding of the factory in Tianjin for manufacturing automotive electronic accessories; and the new factory will be put into production in 2005;

In June 2004, Panasonic set up Tianjin Panasonic Automotive Electronic Development Co.,Ltd, for manufacturing automotive multimedia products of high quality audio and video such as mobile communication and DVD digital player;

On June 16 2004, Neusoft Group and Alpine Electronics(China) Co., Ltd jointly set up Neusoft Automotive Electronics R&D Center, to provide automotive accessories to match with domestic BMW, Benz and etc;

On June 17 2004, Guangdong Desay Group, who is mainly engaging in the business of disk player, audio and video, energy and optoelectronics display, announced the huge investment into automotive audio industry and planed to take 2~3 years to establish a strong brand in automotive electronic market.

In the first half year of 2004, the person in charge with TCL stated that TCL will enter into the field of automotive electronics.