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Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are generally produced and traded for private use or consumption. In comparison to investment goods as well as raw material and supplies that are used for the manufacturing process, consumer goods are meant for private consumption. However, it’s only the actual usage showing if a product is eventually consumed or used as a work material within a production process. This is true for both high-quality products such as vehicles, machines, real estates etc. as well as for daily consumer goods.

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Market studies for category Consumer Goods

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    Die große Branchenanalyse KREATIV 2005/2006

    K.M.R. Kreativmarketing Romer
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    Die große Branchenanalyse KREATIV 2005/2006 hat die Kreativbranche, den Kreativmarkt und die Konsumenten zum ersten Mal umfassend untersucht. Die große Branchenanalyse Kreativ bietet verlässliche Aussagen und klare Zukunftsprognosen für den Markt. Ist die Kreativbranche ein Wirtschaftssegment, das lebt, pulsiert und sich dynamisch
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