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Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are generally produced and traded for private use or consumption. In comparison to investment goods as well as raw material and supplies that are used for the manufacturing process, consumer goods are meant for private consumption. However, it’s only the actual usage showing if a product is eventually consumed or used as a work material within a production process. This is true for both high-quality products such as vehicles, machines, real estates etc. as well as for daily consumer goods.

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Market studies for category Consumer Goods

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    Africa Internet & B2C E-Commerce Report 2012
    140 pages
    1.) Südafrika und Nigeria haben das höchste Internethandelspotential in Afrika Der neue „Africa Internet & B2C E-Commerce Report 2012“ des Hamburger sekundären Marktforschungsunternehmens beleuchtet detailliert die Entwicklungen von Internetnutzung und B2C E-Commerce auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent. Dazu findet eine Auf
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 284089
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    France Online Travel Report 2010
    25 seiten
    The French online travel market remains stable despite difficult global economic conditions. This is the conclusion drawn by Hamburg based market research firm in its latest comprehensive analysis “France Online Travel Report 2010”.
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 100002
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    Global Retail Trends 2009
    88 Seiten focuses on secondary research, which means that uses and compares different sources. This allows us to analyze individual aspects from different perspectives and to equip decision-makers with reliable data and information on the respective markets, their structure and dynamics. The Report The Report covers Retail
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 62176
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    Global Underwear Market Report 2010
    135 seiten
    1.) Key Findings - In 2009, „Men’s Underwear“ was the top growing US apparel category, reaching a growth of +11%. - The total market for underwear in the UK was worth GBP 2.57 billion in 2009, and it is expected to increase up to GBP 2.59 billion in 2010. - Despite the expansion of retail chains, specialty underwear retailers in
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 110910
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    Turkey Top 100 E-Commerce Players 2010
    115 Pages
    The “Turkey Top 100 E-Commerce Players 2010” report published by Hamburg-based market research firm provides a comprehensive ranking of the top 100 Turkish e-commerce players. At the same time it highlights the positive trends that have been observed in recent years about the Turkish e-commerce market.
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 100001

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