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Life Sciences
Biological science comprises the whole spectrum of medical research. It includes pharmacy, health care, medical devices and diagnostics. Due to its many direct and indirect impacts, an increased focus has shifted to biotechnology during the last couple of years. Many biotech companies have developed into pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical giants. The biological branch plays an important role for the majority of our society and therefore proved to be an area of particular commercial success. This also explains the strong interest in information potentially providing a strategic market advantage. This category offers diverse information on topics such as digital radiography, laboratory diagnostics, haematology, oncology etc.
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Market studies for category Life Sciences

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    Branchenfokus - Augenoptik & Hörgeräte 2014

    110 pages
    Was Sie erwartet: Marktvolumina Augenoptik und Hörgeräte 2009 bis 2013 Sechs Warengruppen – Entwicklung, Wachstumstreiber Vertriebswegeprofile, Vertriebsstrukturen 2009 bis 2013 Neun Vertriebsformate – Entwicklung, Wachstumstreiber Mainplayer auf Ebene der industriellen Stufe und des (Einzel-)H
    Deutsch | Branchenfokus | SKU: 394248

1 Item(s)