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Online Dating 2005

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Online Dating 2005
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The European Online Dating 2005 report covers the attitudes of Internet users towards online dating, how they are using these services and which are the most popular services. Detailed chapters include:
User pays – a popular choice for online dating sites? Important features of dating sites Finding online dating sites Online Advertising in the Dating Sector What type of relationships are people looking for online? The Internet

Benefit from Nielsen//NetRatings in-depth consumer survey into behaviour and attitudes of Europeans towards online dating.

Content of the report

Personals and dating services are increasingly popular amongst European Internet users and provide a significant opportunity for revenue. The European Online Dating 2005 survey is the most extensive piece of research on this topic ever carried out by Nielsen//NetRatings in Europe. Use the findings to help you evaluate the opportunities this sector offers for your online business.

Understand who is using dating websites and how. How do Europeans choose their dates and how do they pay for the service? What is important to them and how to they contact potential partners?

Evaluate the market and its players. Who is leading the sector? How are they advertising online and with which messages? What are the demographics of their audience?

In June and July 2005 we surveyed over 9000 Internet users in the UK, France and Germany to answer questions relating to Internet dating services. This report covers these results, with charts and tables containing the original research results alongside commentary highlighting key issues and opportunities for retailers to maximise sales in 2005.

Topics covered include:

• Consumer attitudes to dating
Where do Europeans look for dating partners offline and online?
How do they choose a date?
How do they contact a potential date?
How do they ensure safety?
How honest are they on their profile?
What do they prefer to do on their first date?

• Marketing to online shoppers
How do Europeans choose which sites to use?
Does online advertising work?
How are marketing messages influencing purchasing behaviour?
Which types of consumer are most influenced by marketing?

• Who What Where How?
Who is using online dating?
Which services are they using?
When are they buying?
Are they using broadband?

• And how much?
How much are our respondents willing to spend?

• The gender affect
How and where do men and women differ in their online dating behaviour?

• The winners on the web
Which are the top online dating websites?
What are the differences in audiences to the respective dating websites?