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Marketing Research
Market research lays the foundation for developments in the field of marketing and advertising strategies. Topics regarding branding, communication or product consumption, categorized by age-groups, origin and sex, are thereby linked to key elements of marketing and offer valuable management information for decision makers.
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Market studies for category Marketing Research

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    Mobile phone services for senior citizens: the forgotten segment

    15 pages
    As many markets reach over 100% penetration, mobile operators are finding there are almost no completely ‘new’ subscribers to be found. However, one segment of the market that has largely been ignored to date is senior citizens. This report analyses the potential market size, discusses the limited operator activity to date and provide
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    UK Consumer Satisfaction Index 2009 - DIY

    22 pages
    Verdict Research: In an intensely competitive retail market, keeping customers satisfied has never been more important. Retailers need to understand how they satisfy their shoppers in order to enhance their appeal and increase customer loyalty. Moreover, an insight into what drives customer satisfaction at competitors is essential in orde
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 59159
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    Text mining market overview

    14 pages
    Text mining/analytics, including web-based text mining, has matured and is going mainstream. The range of technologies that fall under the heading includes text clustering, filtering/classification, summarisation, sentiment extraction/opinion mining, and relation mining/semantic integration. Alongside an overview of expected market growth
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    Business Trends: Asia-Pacific retail technology investment strategies 2010 (Customer Focus)

    34 pages
    Introduction Ovum carried out an in-depth primary research project in 2010. We spoke to business and IT leaders at 80 retailers in Asia-Pacific, exploring a wide range of business and technology issues. Features and benefits Retailers' opinions are examined across a range of technologies, from both a strategic and investment viewpoint R
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 133542
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    The private sector’s plan for defusing the knowledge offshoring time bomb

    11 pages
    The private sector in the US must act now to avoid a social and political backlash that will severely diminish its standing globally. Ovum senior vice president, Tom Kucharvy, discusses this impending crisis — the offshoring of knowledge-based services — in his latest report. Report Highlights
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 54840

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