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    IT service management vendor report card 2006

    Summit Strategies
    23 pages
    IT service management (ITSM) is now widely recognized as a critical enabler of dynamic IT infrastructure environments. All major IT management software vendors, including BMC Software, CA, IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP) acknowledge the need to support internationally recognized best practices such as ITIL and ISO 20000. This report card eva
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    Dell's future in the enterprise systems industry

    Summit Strategies
    22 pages
    Dell – the darling of the x86 industry for the past two decades – has fallen on hard times and is now embarking on a campaign to deliver on a refocused corporate vision. Michael Dell reassumed the CEO role and began to lay out a three-point program for rejuvenating the company. One of the most important and far-reaching of these goals
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    How the i-generation will restructure enterprise IT: a scenario planning roadmap

    Summit Strategies
    11 pages
    Ovum Summit anticipates a sea change in the way IT is bought and sold by 2012. As baby boomers retire, Generations X and Y, schooled on information personalization, instant messaging, virtual teaming, and global sourcing will drive more and more business-critical IT purchase decisions. This will change the way vendors must package and del
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    North America's IT staffing 'time bomb': managing the demographic shift

    Summit Strategies
    18 pages
    North American IT shops may well be facing a staffing perfect storm. Two big challenges are certain – a mass retirement of baby boomers that promises to deplete staff and starve many companies of critical skills, and a shortage of replacements due to a smaller crop of college graduates and a dramatic decline in students majoring in and
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    Integrating IBM - can the sum exceed the value of the parts?

    Summit Strategies
    24 pages
    We are at the dawn of a new IBM – a company increasingly intent on integrating its traditionally disparate assets in a way that will deliver true business solutions, not just IT solutions. IBM aims to deliver these business solutions faster, more consistently, more reliably and, ideally, at lower total lifetime costs than competitive en
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 11883
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    Survey identifies key steps to IT operations effectiveness

    Summit Strategies
    16 pages
    Ovum Summit’s survey of 300 North American IT decision-makers identifies four key areas that differentiate highly effective IT organizations from their less effective peers. Highly effective IT organizations are most likely to have broadly deployed infrastructure virtualization and IT service management (ITSM) best practices such as ITI
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    BearingPoint sees SOA as key to new growth

    Summit Strategies
    9 pages
    Some observers view BearingPoint as a system integrator (SI) in turmoil. With ongoing financial woes (including failure to file timely financial reports for Wall Street regulators) and personnel changes, BearingPoint is struggling to find its footing even as global competitors such as IBM, Accenture and Capgemini experience a revenue surg
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 11887
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    Customers large and small experience real-life benefits from IT virtualization

    Summit Strategies
    13 pages
    Customers are beginning to see the benefits of virtualized IT environments – from reduced operational costs, improved efficiencies in both IT and business, to business process improvements. These benefits are not limited to enterprise-class clients; more and more small and mid-sized business customers (SMBs) are investing in virtualizat
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 11884
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    SOA emerges as a systems integrator transformation agent

    Summit Strategies
    20 pages
    Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is transforming the entire IT industry. However, nowhere will this transformation be as profound as in that segment of the systems integration industry that helps clients adapt and continually align their business models and business processes to the continually changing needs of their companies. System
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 14134

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