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    Online-Gaming-Markt in Deutschland 2009
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    In Deutschlands Wohnstuben glühen die Konsolen. Gekämpft wird um Titel, Sekunden oder das beste Golf-Handicap. Es geht um Rollenspiele, Rechenaufgaben, Abenteuer und Anti-Terror-Einsätze. Die Kommandostände heißen Xbox, Playstation oder Wii, die Konsolen der großen Hersteller Microsoft, Sony und Nintendo. Explodierender Markt. Die
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    Global Multi-Channel Trends 2010
    53 seiten
    1.) Key Findings - 78% of all US consumers say they use catalogs to browse and research products or services at least four times a year. - While many US consumers research and browse services and products in catalogs, they are not using catalogs to make their purchases. - In the UK, over 65s are most likely to appreciate catalogs, whateve
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    Global Online Gaming Report 2009
    62 seiten
    The global gaming market will continue to boom in the next years. Additionally the share of paying users will grow. These prospects make the online gaming market an attractive opportunity for several online and media companies as well as for other investors. The digitalization of the media and entertainment industry will continue to go
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    South Africa Retail, Home-Shopping, E-Commerce Report 2010
    59 seiten
    1.) Key Findings - According to estimates the country's retail sales will grow from USD 64 billion in 2009 to USD 106 billion by 2014. - Forecasts don’t see a sharp bounce back of the retail economy in 2010. - Verimark, Homemark and Glomail are among the top mailorder companies in South Africa. - At least 15% of the total Internet user
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 77045

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