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Technology and Media
The following market studies provide important information in order to foster your market position in a highly competitive branch. They offer strategic insights into the product portfolio and market segmentation of the technology and media industry. The studies cover areas such as telecommunication, e-commerce, software, IT-outsourcing or broadcasting.
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Market studies for category Technology and Media

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    Global Biometrics Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2017


    TechSci Research
    195 pages
    The limitations and inconvenience involved in using alternative identification methods i.e. photographs, passwords and PIN codes have driven the growth of biometric technologiesin last few years. Again, increasing terrorist attacks, plane hijackings and crime rates have underlined the need for superior security measures around the world.
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    India Biometrics Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2018

    TechSci Research
    130 pages
    The biometric security systems are new and progressive products in India. With the rapidly escalating industrialization and huge population the demand for biometric systems in India is much higher than many developed nations. The usage of biometrics helps in increasing the productivity and embellishes performance of the organizations. The
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2 Item(s)