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Annual Report on China's Middleware Software Market, 2004-2005

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Annual Report on China's Middleware Software Market, 2004-2005
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After analyzing major factors affecting the development of China's middleware software market from 2005-2009, the report presents qualitative and quantitative forecast of the market. Finally, it provides development strategy and recommendations for leadin

Content of the report

The report sums up the development of the global and Chinese middleware software markets in 2004. Through accurate data and full elaboration, it describes the structure of China's middleware software market and characteristics of the demand-supply relationship from various angles. Meanwhile, it examines competition between enterprises in different market segments, presenting assessment of leading enterprises' and growing enterprises' competitiveness respectively.

Report Highlights

The report especially points out the following: China's middleware software market was developing quickly in the right direction in 2004. It shows a trend of rapid growth. The process of industrialization of middleware is also proceeding fast in this country. Middleware software has become one of the three types of infrastructure software besides operating system and database. The middleware software industry has entered a stage of scale development. In 2004, competition intensified in China's middleware software market. The competition situation is becoming increasingly clear. Leading vendors are distributed in a ladder shape. Application server and EAI (enterprise application integration) have become one of hotspot areas in the market. Key industries like the financial and telecommunications sectors remain the key users. Meanwhile, there is growing application demand in tradition industries, and the government sector has become the focus of attention.