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    CRM-Studie im Dialog

    atways AG
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    Die CRM-Studie im Dialog 2005, durchgeführt von der atways Business Consultants in Kooperation mit der Zeitschrift acquisa, ermittelt branchenübergreifend aktuelle Vorgehensweisen, Benchmarks und Trends im CRM in Deutschland. Im Mittelpunkt der Studie stand die unternehmensindividuelle Identifizierung von konkreten Handlungsfeldern
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    Targeting the US Hispanic Market with CRM Outsourcing

    21 Pages
    Introduction As observers eagerly await the results of the 2010 US Census, many enterprises anticipate that the US Hispanic population will show considerable growth, both in overall volume and income. However, despite the fact that many CRM outsourcers have already invested in serving this demographic, there exists confusion on how to be
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    Customer Relationship Strategies in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry-

    HBS Consulting
    103 Pages
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    2011 Trends to Watch: CRM outsourcing

    13 Pages
    Introduction An overview of the 2011 trends that Ovum anticipates will pervade the CRM outsourcing space, including social media, margin management, and vertical opportunities. This is key reading for any contact center outsourcer and its clients. Features and benefits * Learn about how social media can be used in the CRM outsourcing sp
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 133583
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    Customer Relationship Management 2010/11 (Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report)

    362 Pages
    Introduction Businesses thrive or die on the strength of their relationships with their customers. This strategic issue is best executed through the use of next-generation CRM systems that enable process efficiency, innovation, and drive business value. This CRM report provides comparative CRM system analysis for enterprises selecting a
    Englisch | Marktstudie | SKU: 133566

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